Remember to breathe in, but don’t forget, to breathe out.



“You should just be what you need to.”

Wedding Bells

Wedding bells are ringing in my head, much louder than the usual hummm…

I have lived

Bc I died, I lived. I live. Like.., I realize stuff tht I wouldn’t have had it been tht I didn’t go through the car accident bs. 

Bc I died; I lived.

Dream of me

I do not need you, I merely want you; and, that’s not enough to make me stay.


I made it this far. I survived; so did you, but I died once.. maybe you died too. People’s hearts stop for all sorts of reasons, I guess.

Spring Cleaning 

spring into a new beginning

be what may

From behind the tree

You got me

You got me

You got me

What next?