I met Nishant in rehab… Northeast Center for Special Care.


cause I’m so fucking scared.


I do though… I give lots of fucks actually.

I love you a bushel and a peck andahugaroundtheneck…

I was just thinking about my stay at the rehabilitation hospital, Sunnyview in Schenectady. A nurse sang that song to me. Nurses save lives; so, be kind.

We also went out to a diner…

There were fish tanks in the wall leading up to exercise room too. I’m that exercise room there were dogs one time that I remember.

My roommate kept calling the police. My mother m told me that… once she told me I remembered, but ya … I was out of it a bit.

I imagined it was a game.

So it was a game for me.

Getting back to being alive… pretty dramatic ‘game’. That’s how I coped. Life was a game, and this all wasIS just a game; and, I wasAM winning. I am too. Ask anyone.🐝😎🤩

Queen Bee style now.