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Don’t give them a chance to say “no”.



There are many men

Who wish death,

But ignore truth.

Bananas for Dinner

I’m poor, so Je suis mange les ananas…

Many Many

There are many things that I wish I said.

Not only do I wish I said them; I wish you heard them…

Not just hearing, but I mean really listened.


That hurt.

That was more than flirting,

it was painful.

How do I teach you that you were wrong abt me if you won’t listen?

How do I make sure you see just how much you hurt me?

How do I make sense of it all?


via Susan


It’s ok thatIdontgetviews. It’s ok thatyouguyshaveselectiveattention. It’s ok thatIhaveselectiveattention too. It’s ok thatyouarewonderingwhenthisshortpeice will be done. It’s ok.

Sleeping With You

I actually sleep.

Like,I can sleep with you near by.

That’s saying something,

I never sleep.


Source: Susan