I need no validationfromyou.

They might’ve stunted my growth if hesheitthey had let them go on living beside me. I wouldn’t have reached my full potential, if they remained alive I may have reached my plateau. Plateaued before I was meant to… That’s it. It has to be. 

I would have mindlessly followed them around waiting for some validation that no one on earth could ever have given me. 

No one on earth okmaybesomeone,butthosepeoplethatknowwhatIdoareunable,or have no desire to articulate it for others is able to get the messages that I was sent back here to share with humanitycivilizationbchumanityisjusthumans,andIspeaktoanimalsuponoccassion.

I need no validation; but, I do, we all do…toacertainextent…


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