Monthly Archives: August 2016

Chasing Pavements does it make sense anymore; even in my own traumatically injured had I’ve lost track whether or not to give it a rest, or to give it my all and nottostopuntilyousubmit. He hasn’t said no yet.


Tell me what you see.

When you looked into my eyes so intently, you were seeing something, searching. Maybe  you were looking for something there that was never there. Something that I could never have given you.

I need no validationfromyou.

They might’ve stunted my growth if hesheitthey had let them go on living beside me. I wouldn’t have reached my full potential, if they remained alive I may have reached my plateau. Plateaued before I was meant to… That’s it. It has to be. 

I would have mindlessly followed them around waiting for some validation that no one on earth could ever have given me. 

No one on earth okmaybesomeone,butthosepeoplethatknowwhatIdoareunable,or have no desire to articulate it for others is able to get the messages that I was sent back here to share with humanitycivilizationbchumanityisjusthumans,andIspeaktoanimalsuponoccassion.

I need no validation; but, I do, we all do…toacertainextent…


Sent back to life here to suffer in the wrong places. Sent here to see glimpses of beauty.

Stay with me and always be beautiful. 
Maybe I was sent back here to give some grand message that only I know, and that only I will be able to write down because I have isolated myself for reasons unbeknownst to me. Only isolated by this feeling of isolation that lives inside of me somewhere, isolated bc of me.Itsoundsannoyingtometoo,barewithmehere.

Maybe someone got killed today…

Maybe lots and lots of someones.