Monthly Archives: May 2016

you can take your cake now

setting fire to their insides for fun

i am not lost at all

When you broke my chest I just got lost for a moment.
It only takes one moment out of a minute to ruin everything.

if your in love then you are the lucky one
we could’ve made fucking fireworks

because most of us are bitter over someone

settingfiretotheirinsidestodistracttheir hearts.


Freedom Song

OH, freedom; oh freedom

Oh, freedom over me,

and befor I’d be a slave I’ll be buried

in my grave; and,
go home NOW to whoeverWHATEVERwhicheverWHEREVER thy God is and be free.

I woke up this morning,

my mind stayed on freedom.

I woke up this morning,

and, freedom
stayed on my mind.

Hallelu, Halleluhaallellyuah.

I’m gonna do what MY spirit says to do…

I’m gonna live like MY spirit says to live.

Fucksocietyasawhole I Love You People Individually Wrapped 

Living off the government.

But, wait, can it be me?

Yes you are talking about me.

I have beat myself up and down, but no one will hire a traumatically injured girl who cannot drive.

There is no way to avoid it.

I am presented with enough money for me to live comfortably.

BESTPARTmy poor Irish ‘nigger’ (asyoulikedtocallus,wellsomeofyoudid my ancestors were cheaper, more eager for work than black folks) roots allow me to save my pennies always; so, I have over a thousand in food stamps. I payed for this woman’s groceries today and she made me promise to let her pay me back. She couldn’t figure out the password for her EBT card. 

OH NO, maybe it wasn’t her’s!? Anywho, I’m happy to!!

If she tries to pay me back it will be a nice surprise.