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sex, carbs, cuddling, and xc

Sex, carbohydrates, cuddling, and cross country.



i got so much, i am so happy brains dont explode!
They can.
not from learning!
i dont think so
not according to my studies!

Bronwyn Louisedonovanschroeder Elizabeth Just now ยท God damn it! motherMary has done it againandmyTEAMIhaveaTEAMbcIhavetraumaticbraininjury.

This whole NPRS thing, which I thought was ‘totally’ lame at first, was just the ticket. I am not going them forget it…

I am worth it. I deserve this.
It was hard, Ifuckingdied. My Heart Stopped. I am way up, and I feel fuckingblessed.
It is what it is.You get what you give.
I have died and I fucking swear to god,orwhoeverWHATEVERthefuck kind of IDEA you are praying to nowadays, heaven/hell/wherever the fuck I went is not as good as this.
Once you die that is it.
WHAT THE FUCK DO I HAVE TO KEEP TELLING YOU NIGGERS.I founndoutthatIcansay that because I am Irish, and my ancestors were called niggers before black ppl. I read several articles about black Africans costing more than my IrishNIGGER ancestors.
Fuck you fate, for fucking me over, and over, and over again.