yea! ok wait wait wait i will tell

the time with the yellow line stuff
i got picked up by this one cop that new me
and he got me in and out quickly by saying some fancy things to the nurse/dr ppls
was bc i was swimming at the culinary institute with my clothing on
i was going to dcc at the time
i took the c bus, i take the a bus to get home, so i was a little far from the cia, but i decided id walk
to the culinary
so i got out somewhere a little past marrist college
i fished with some guy
then walked to marist
spoke with them about possibly transfering from dcc for art, or fashion, or social work
then continued my walk to the culinary
i finally got there
after this bitchy lady that was judging me bc im a younger lady
she thought i had no money
i got money from the accident
i got moneys
oh my god haha swimming with your clothes in haha. ohh yeah makes sense
not to rub it in
judgmental twat, huh? lol
so i was like “FUCK YOU. I GOT MONEY, bitch.”
then i kept walking
she was ignoring me bc she had ‘richer looking’ older folks
man I hate that shit b
so i walked almostto the culinary, to swim
bc my mom works there and i have swam at the culinary for years
oh I see. i mean it’s not illegal just weird
I like the way you think!
let go
fuc that
Oh i see. s
she was fired bc she was getting to the ripe old age where she might retire
now she isn’t
wow. that’s bull.
she has two jobs
she is working her little ass off
it is medium size
but still
so i decide, at first, i wont swim
bc she doesnt work there anymore.
so i just go to the cafe
they have free bread and water!
like piles of that stuff!
ha nice
and flavored water!
so i ate
sat in on this summer class
decided id swim bc im hot and sweaty, my mom would be avenged, and i had my bathing suit (i thought)
got to the locker room
so, I decided that of course I would not bless the stupid cia goers with my nakedness, so id swim in my wool sweater and jeans, and keep my bag right near the edge of the pool
the lifeguard let me swim my laps
i was done
drying in the sun
bc wool drys fast
and jeans too
cotton holds onto the wettness, so thats why i took off my bra and undies
then i was lounging
and BAM! COPS! not just one
first it was the school cops
they called real cops they called ambulance ppl
they called ambulance ppls bc i had resqued an empty vodka bottle from the loop bus
hence the hospital visit
then the stupid psych guy was busy, but he came to talk
they called my mom
he made me sit with her
we were both like, “______________________”
she was so pissed
and she hadnt even known abt the culinary i dont think
then i got fucking pissed
cops came in bc there was this guy in the room next door from the prison, he was in all orange and had three cops all to himself
so i went to leave, i was all, “Come on mom”
“We can go mom!”
*went to leave* the cops picked me up off the ground to stop me
I wouldnt stop, they threatened to make me stay, i was like, fuck no. “FUCK NO!” AND THEY GAVE ME A SHOT TO MAKE ME SLEEP

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