So unsure.

Then I remember that I always did seem to forget how this feels. How fuckingconvenient that I forget to remember that I always have knownwhatever it was WILL BE right around the time you’re remembering that I am easily distracted.

Easy. Its just too easy, so easy that I have forgotten it is actually hard.

Second semester sets in and I have a couple days that I forget to remember that you are always hanging around, waiting, just waiting, hiding in the shadowy depths of those stupid texts books that I have to read and reread, andreread,andreread, then draw, then have some knowledgeable someone verbally explain, and then make flashcards; which I may, or may not forget to remember that I have seen and heard said definition upteenzillion times already.

There you’ll be.


Paitently, so patient, it is fuckinginfurriating how patient you are. All you have is time.

How does it feel to own something like that? Too much responsibility maybe? 

You scoff. You laugh, maybe you mock me, but I know something that your not ever going to understand. I can’t tell you exactly what it is that you just refuse to, but I can tell you that I hope you are not dead when I find out.

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