Monthly Archives: June 2015

and why can’t I see you?

Who the fck are ‘you’, 


someonesaveme,ifyouthinkyoucan.imightbealostcause…letshopenot.iamreallytryingtofindagoodwaytolookatallofthis,youknow.ifeellikenoonewillsavemeifiseemindesperateneedofasavior,soiwillnotsayit. I need to save myself.

I’m not sure what’s happening to me, all I know is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to pretend that I want to live in a worldtownplace where there is more of a reaction when Miley Cyrus makes an appearance than when innocent people get shot in a church.

All of the world is a stage.

Action.                                           CUTCUT

But I haven’t even done anything yet…