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This is RAE;my gallery, and my ray of sunshine.

This whole thing is magical. By ‘this’ I mean my life, by saying ‘whole thing’ I mean this love affair (IwillfuckingcallitasIfeelit,hecanbiteme!) by ‘magic’ i meant full of awesome, ironic, miraculous things thatjustdonotnormallyhappen to the average Joe; by ‘al’ (nicnameofAlexandramybffandeverwho died in the hospital as I was being brought back to life,) I meant alll of it!!! Ups and downs all inclusive! By ups and downs I mean to sat I might be slightly bipolar since that fucking car accident with Alex. I occasionally forget to look at what I have/everything I have accomplished… All that I have accomplished… All that I have accomplished, buteversincehehasshowedup that ‘occasional forgetfulness’ happens muchmuch LESS often.


Me and Alex.

ok, Claudia and I went to the Spring Fling yesterdaynight/todayearly. We were rocking, swaying,dancing, and pulsing with this crowd. Some bitch got on her ‘boyfriend’s’ shoulders, and she saw some other male that, I guess she had had a negative run in with and proceeded to douse him, and everyone else that was unlucky enough to be standing within a three foot radius of him, with the beverage that she had on hand. Which was, unfortuneately for me and every other unlucky soul standing within a 2 ft radius, seeing as how said beverage was alcohol. We did leave that dancefloor eventually, not directly after being daused, though, we are warriors. (Claudia laughed lateratthethoughtofbeingpulledoveronher car ridebackhome.) The musicwas good, and they were doing this awesome thing in the tent that they (AWESOMEalliteration!) were performing in. They projected these vids1stone was of an awesome, asian, exotic looking women belly dancing on the ceiling of the tent above where the band was performing. One song was a vid of a combination sky/grass/trees above as the filmer was walking. (Maybearoundcampus?Thatwouldvebeencool.) Claudia was likw, “Want to meet my friend?” So she went inside first.  I sorta followed, but I had to a text (orsomebs.) She told me to go to the trees, so I went. She told me to meet her at the swings. I WAS AT THE SWINGS w. Alex. Two sets of trees, twi diff swings on the oppositeDIRECTopposite sides of the Bard Campus Community/cafe/that gamewhereeveryplayergetsoneball+onepole+therearefourholes building. Me and Alex proceeded to have this earth moving conversation about how I could be Jesus. I was so jealous, I thought this was Claudia’s Alex. NOPE.NOPE.NOPE… He is my very own Alex.