This life cant be mine, she thought. It was raining pretty heavily and she was wondering how sentimental those reasons for never learning to drive had been.
Save money;
Remain active;
Do not spontaneously die bc of forgetting to double check one thing or another;
Save money;
Save money;
Save money.
However, she did love getting to watch everyone. People watching was her thing. She wanted to understand everything ever since she started abnormal psychology that second semester at DCC. Interpreting those things that made no fucking sense why any one person would take part, those said were the things she had the most fun trying to interpret. It was interesting for her to be a part of the usual people at the busstop reacting to one another.
But was it worth it?
Yes, yes it was definitely worth the long waits in the strange weather to get to truly understand folks she normally would have not took the time to. Plus .75cents to take the bus home seemed to be working out very well for her.
Everyone has a story.


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