“…and even then, God negotiates.”

There are four parts, or lobes, in the brain: frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, and the temporal lobe.
Your personality lives in the frontal lobes. Higher level thinking is supported by these frontal lobes. Without fully functioning frontal lobes one might have intelligence, but be unable to put it to use. The frontal lobes also control your voluntary movements such as walking or running or make other conscious movements. The frontal lobes also allow the body to determine spatial orientation, or your ability to determine the position of your body in space.
Sensations of touch, pain, and other similar perceptions are integrated through the parietal lobe. The parietal lobe is responsible for language processing. Parts of the parietal lobe are responsible for visuospatial processing.
The occipital lobe is the main center for visual processing, this lobe is responsible for color recognition and visual perception
The temporal lobe is essential in processing sensory stimuli received from both the eyes, and ears. It assists in coordinating speech and spatial navigation and contains the brain structures responsible for long-term memory.
Based on the information I have gathered the area that I believe to have been most affected by my traumatic brain injury would probably be my frontal lobe. My personality has changed a lot since after the accident. I also had this major realization/ snap back moment; I was walking through the kitchen to get a glass of water late at night. A journey that, yes, I would have made despite the difficulties I faced making it. There is this stare. It is a single step and I always seem to miss it, or make it so swimmingly that I bang into a chair because I get momentarily delighted in my minor accomplishment. This time I had made it to the sink and back to my room with not even the usual slam into some inanimate object, and I was petrified at first. I thought that maybe it was magic or witchcraft, or a rapist was watching me from the shadows of the darkness waiting for me to reach for the wall to sturdy myself and taking that opportunity to pounce. My ability to determine spatial orientation, and my ability to determine the position of my body in space had returned and it happened to come to my attention in that moment, and so abruptly that it was kind of creepy.

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