“Damn it.”

dam what

“Those idiots are at it again.”

at at what

“They all talk to fill the air with germs, and that is all that anyone’s talking here has ever done.”

explain yourself more to me

“They all think he is a petifile or something, but I know he is not.”

well, they said that she was in his room naked under his bed, and he was the competent one in this case…

“He spoke through the barrier, he has touched me. AND NOT IN THE PHYSICAL WAY. I let him talk, I learned to understand… The people that work here directly with the ‘inmates’ talk so much trash about him.”

she was naked though, that is true, isnt it?

“She is the one who spoke to me and told me what she wanted was sexy-time. She attacked him. Some boys are much easier to rape, and he was one of them. He thought he was making an interesting, cute American ‘friend’, The cute American ‘friend’ wants sexy-time so he gave her what she wanted, but only a little attention. She took his attention the complete wrong way, and now his memory is tainted with the desgusting words of naive people( people that do not understand the Spanish culture) that work underneath the people that let him return home.”


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