Presently I am at this place.

I had a few of momentary, sizzly moments before I decided I needed to do something drastic soon. A few people had recomended this place to me, but I was like, “Ya. Maybe, I don’t know about that.” Then my two guidence counselors were watching all the things I was putting my body through to keep up and they suggested this place also. HIGHLY recommmended it in fact.

So,…there I went.
Now, here I am.

So many interesting things that I am learning about this place
I started in Unit1 the ‘admissions unit’. Later I discovered t hat Unit2, and Unit3 are for patients that are much more worse off(bothOFthoseunitsAREupstairs alongwiththe admissions unit.) Tracy said, “It gets way, way better once you move downstairs.” But I do not think one floor is ‘better’ than the other, and I still don’t. I had my own room upstairs and the nurses and CNA give you more of a chance to explain whats up. But,.. then I thought abt that statement; I wrote it, I earased it, I wrote it in a different spot, I even tried putting it in a diff section; maybe that is the whole point. When you are returning back to society you will have to deal with tons of ppl that will get agrivated with how you are talking abt something. Even if that is not your fault to begin with, they, being human, just can not help but to let a little morsel of aggrivation shine through their eyes, or the way they address the next person they address.

It is just how my dad convinced me to come. I LOVE THAT OLD MAN, “I know it is not ‘exactly’ where you want to be right now, but maybe it could mean a future job for you.”

The wheels have turned and I have decided that he was 110% correct on that one. My dad might not think he is, but he is a bussiness man at heart. Truly, truly…

My mom is too, only, she is missing one KEY component, she is missing the side that all business ppl should have to some degree. She is missing the ability to take risks. AND THAT is where my father comes in. ONLY he lost some major brownie points with a few things way back when. I thought that my parents might be fostering some of the best chefz that ever walked the earth, but that thought was so, so wrong. They have unknowingly fostered the most amazing business bitch that ever biked a zillion miles just to swim across a lake.


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