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Poet's Corner

I was lost
‘Til I dared
Look inside
Find myself
Feel my spirit
Hear my heart
Create the life
I needed to live.

–Russ Towne

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Poet's Corner

Throaty laugh
And sparkle when she
Wanting the special someone
To make her
A role
I cannot play

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my newest novel; About a Boy

And, he said hesitantly, your ‘cute-boy-button’ is temporarily out-of-order.

I am poem, by me.

I am spontanious, and smart
I wonder about time, and space

I hear laughter coming from behind closed doors

I see romance

I want romance
I am spontanius, and smart.

I pretend to see only colors
I feel my thoughts coursing

I touch the sky.

I worry for humanity
I cry for humanity


I understand that most big fish live in the sea
I say that most fish should still live there.

I dream in color.

I try for tomorrow
I hope for tomorrow.


If I asked, would he follow me?

I think that he might. Its just,.. maybe I messed up too badly before. 

I have this boss idea that will not leave my head, and I am going to need him to do it. 

QUEEN BEE< nameofshoppe.

My gallery. (So there should be my photos/music/paintings/drawings/clay.)

My aphrodisiac shop. (it should eventually be a sort of b&b.)
but it would start out having just a few of my things and mostly be a running snack station sort of thing otherwiseknownas an aphrodisiac shoppe

Free XC advice.

Cheap after/before running carbo loaded snackage.


“Crank that solja’ boy,”-the theme song for the shoppe.


”We do it long and hard in the woods,”-mission statement



Strength for the Weary Woman


[strengkth, strength, strenth]   noun

1. the quality or state of being strong; bodily or muscular power; vigor.
2. mental power, forceor vigor.
3. moral power, firmness, or courage.
4. power by reason of influence, authority, resources, numbers, etc.
5. number, as of personnel or ships in a force or body: a regiment with a strength of 3000.

Are you ready to get STRONG?

If you are struggling, remember what strength is. It’s not the weight you lift in the gym (definition #1: muscular power), it’s the being the woman you were called to be. It’s sticking to your goals and seeing them…

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