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Anthony Crenshaw

With these ears to see and eyes to hears

All i can ask is may you please come down from the tower of pain that I cause you I have to ask you how do I be like you but should your mouth be quiet cause it never tells the truth but I will say I’d rather hold your hand but you rather hold a grudge why do I feel this way I even feel the waves crash around and I can’t swim this water fills my lungs and this pain I can’t start again they say your not welcome in a place of peace the blood on your hands is not clean why must I feel this down to the point of I don’t have anyone to trust which is painful it hurt so bad when your lonely and you have no one to trust all you can do is hope for this pain to stop but it won’t stop the more I feel like I’m just stuck all alone in this world of hurt i will say these witty words come from people I can’t trust true friends lie underneath I don’t and can’t believe a damn thing they say I just think your mouth should be quiet cause it never tells the truth


I am the mafia.

I was watching the French movie called “22 Bullets,” and I realized how much the death that I survived in 2008 made me like the god father.

I am the mafia….

Not for revenge, but for t he sake of humanity.

She was drunk, AND she was old, AND now two girls are dead.

I say the death penalty, andNOTfor revenge, but for t he sake of humanity. She will not be able to get to sleep thinking about the mistake that she has made. It is awful and keeping her alive will only allow her time to consider why she got drunk in the first place, it will make her consider and consider and consider and consider all of the ways that she could have done things differently.

Let her go free?

Now… how the f does that make any sense to anyone?

Should I be locked up too?

Traumatic Brain Injury vs. old age and alcohol.