Ma chat!

My kitten thinks that I am some sort of god; it makes sense, for her to believe I am a god of some sort. I am no god by any stretch of the imagination. I still get my period and all the fun that goes along with that, so, I don’t think I am a god… Or, maybe I am, just a god that sinned a shit ton. When it comes down to it; aren’t we all?

That is what all these people are shouting at my face these days

So, back to my cat, I was her world in the beginning; but, so was everyone else I guess. Everytime someone picked her up they became her world. Everytime I brought her food I became her own personal ‘God’, but so did anyone else, I guess. It is just that no one else brought her any foods, I mean, she was mine. I payed for her to get fixed and Daphne gave her to me. ITSMELLSLIKEPEEFORSOMEREASON.It is not me I have checked. 😉

Then I got to thinking about how moms are at first, with there babies and then anything that comes there-after. Ellie-May and Effie for example…

BLASTED I HATE IT, coolcalm collected. It just aggravates me how she thought she could own wherever she went. First with my brother, second with Fork in the Road, third with… my brother/my soul.

So I am thinking about mom’s babies.
That’s right, they went through all of that BS doesn’t that make them theres?
OH, but wait, they have rights to their bodies and shit? NEW CONCEPT? NOPE.

Only it is a new concept. Up until now everything was theirs.
That TV, those pants, and wait didn’t she make dinner too???

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