To Ashley


Posted for John Riggs

Beautiful little flower sown from heaven above
With a smile like the blazing morning sun
It is unthinkable to not give You My love
When I thought My days of hope were done
You fill My heart with joy and laughter sweet
How could I have known such a little one
Would make all My dreams so complete?
I will cherish the memory of You to My grave
But what could the chances be,or possibly
Could such a wonderful angel ever care for Me?
It matters not,the raging flame that burns within
Is given freely expecting nothing in return, but then
The loser sometimes gets lucky,and just might win
The longing of the many ages of many such mortal men
To find the sought after priceless treasure begins again
The dreamer weaves his tapestry in his heart and mind
To decorate his lonely hearts emptiness he will begin
To reach out to the one he finds the most lovely and kind.

horny boys do some crazy shit.

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