I am running in circles around my head again;
                                                 make it stop.

People are shouting things that they are not really saying;
                                                make it stop. theyaretryingtoconditionmetospeakhowtheywouldlikeformetospeak; make it stop already…

Social Working is gona suck me dry;
                                                make it stop. ormaybenot…MaryBee is not sucked dry just yet…

I need to fall into an equationsoon;
                                                make it stop, please. <<‘please’?youseethat!youhavesucceededinconditoningthegirlformofJesus!

THIRTY-FIVE and still not married?!;
                                               make it stop now.

I can no longer make it stop like how I used to,

                                               I think like She;
make it stop, PLEASE.

                                               pEOPLE ARE TEACHING ME TO BE LIKE THEY ARE…

Make it stop.

                                                They do not mean to;
I am like your sponge,
there will be no turning back.
                                             I am like a sponge.
                                                                           For, I am made of Iron and spongy stuff.

I AM NOT PARTICULARLY SPONGY, for I am made up of Iron, and Red Wine. I am like a sponge and ‘they’ do not mean it.



I mean it.
I meant to.



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