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Whoever or whatever that thing is is trying to make me get out of this town, why?
Why are you trying so hard?

I want to stay here. It might be kind of baby-ish for me to want to stay, mais, alas, it is fucking beautiful here.

I have no ride, I am not allowed to cross the bridge on my bike, the nearest airport is across the bridge.

sure, I can find a way, Heidi Evans found a way to get pretty far.

I’m just like poison
The sooner you give in, the faster it will stop stinging.

I think I must go to Ireland.UGHBUT I WOULD BE SOFUCKING PISSED ABOUT DRINKING AND SHIT, AND THE WAY THEY SPOKE AT THAT STUPID ‘DEBATE’. It seemed as though they were mocking the RedHead; it is like, fuck you; yes, we have a firecrotch; be jealous if that is the sort of thing that turns you on.

I think I want someone to save me from my poison.

the bad thing




Celeste showed me and TGS this song the year before I got into the car accident, Whitney and Corey also were two twins that were added to our group too!

I no longer believe in organized art, almost as much as firetrucks.

I no longer bel…

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

today I just wanted to tell someone what I have been through, oh yea; we don’t share here.

Poet's Corner

I may have…

Disturbed You,
Troubled You,
Pestered You,
Irritated You,
Bugged You,
Or got on your Nerves!!
So today, I just wanted to tell you:

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