“Pictures catch a lot of things.” yeahbut, what do you think this thing is trying to tell me? “I am not positive, it could mean a bunch of different things, was not thinking too hard in that direction; tell me why your asking that? Is there a reason or something?” not at all. “Well what I thought when I saw this at first was that her arms are very silly.” yeahshealwaysdidthatwithherhands.itwassupp…osedtobe’cute’; most of the times it was just that, but this caught her at an awkward moment. “Did it remind you of anything right away?” ya “And,what was that?” thedevil “What, Im sorry, my hearing is really awful these days.” she reminded me of the devil at first “I did not look at the picture that way, but now that you mention it.” she always did get jealous a lot,butcouldntthatbe angelic too? “Yes.” She was awful worried, but she was no devil. Shedidgetjealousofmealot though… “Oh yeah? Like forwhy?” When I was hanging out with anyone else. “So, is that what she reminded you of in the picture? The devil?” ya,… “So you think you were bouncing on that trampoline with a devil?” notadevil the devil. “That is not what I thought of when Ifirst saw this picture.” sowhat did you see whenyousawit? “The first thing I thought about was, damb that girl is not photogenic.”

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