Kevin Donovan

Kevin is my favorite uncle.
It is not like I have the easiest decision to make…
My uncles are pretty hard core!

One of them is a violinist, the other (Kevin) is a biology major, and the other one works at P.U. as the grounds keeper!
My other uncle, he is not related to me directly, he is a …..9dosd  idk something to do with something everyone doesn’t like doing, they all complain abt it. he is like baller at doing this…….. um. shit. idk, but I do know that his wife is an environmental agent. She works for the state, she could not go in during that whole debacle with Obama and extending the debt  ceiling.

and the other women and man had more unfortuneate tales, but not so sad as she tries to make it seem. HE died, I want to say he was flying a airplane… why do I want to say this? is it true?? HEY MOM!? JK ITS 1:08(thisisrestraint.) And,the last sibling is my mom.

She had her own name plate on the wall of her very own office at the Culinary Institute of America. I am not going to point my fingers and shit. I am just going to come out and fucking write whatever the fuck I want to, because I live in god-blessed-America, but alas, she was fucking fired after working her little highheeled but off. She even drove herself nutso in that Air Conditioned office, and freaked herself out about getting into work on time and running to get to the bath room on time (alrightmom,weallknewit.Youweregettingold.) I have reason to believe that they fired her on account of her age.
If I needed, or wanted, any of their dirty money I would get ahold of it and burn it. okNONONONNO I WOULD NOT. I WOULD DONATE EVERY CENT. But, I think I have grounds to sue their fucking asses off.

TBI I HAVE TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY T R A U M A T I C   B R A I N I  N J U R Y now, I do not know exactly where that leaves me according to social standing or anything like that, but what i do know is that  i came to your god-fuckin-blessed-C-I-A to escape my long walk from HydePark where I got off the fuckign loop bus and beganfishingwithsomeman,thenIwroteastoryunderabridge,heoffered me food. “UM, THANKS F NO.” Then I began to walk along the train tracks BCIDIDNOTREALIZEITWASA-FUCKIN-LEGAL IT IS MY BODY, IF I DIE SO WHAT? BUT I FUCKING WOULDNT HAVE FUCKING DIED if I had wanted to, YOU ASS WHOLES. (Always trying to keep people a live when they do not want to be.) That is the problem with this country/state-> WE ARE KEEPING PPL ALIVE THAT WANT TO BE DEAD. (riddlemethat Las Vagas somethingidrrt)(itissoconfusing…we go aroundkilling FUCKING EVERYTHING then we tell someone that NO they can not kill themselves because the might hold the cure to cancer.) there we go again being selfish manipulating bastards that we are) ANDANYWYWA, i GOT OFF WRITE WHEN i REMEMBERED IT WAS ILLEGAL! and so then I got back on the road… road+me=BADFUCKINGTHINGSCOLLIDINGANDINVISIONING POLICE SIRENS AND I CAN NOT TAKE IT FOR TOO TOO LONG.

So, I got off. I went into a store where Itried to   ask a lady about buying a wood stove. she had other customers, so i waited my turn….ok no on is sAYING SHIT. SO I SPEAK UP. SHE THROWS ME OUT OF THE STORE?? Wait, … woah, “But I actually, um, I have like money and I have only a little question to ask you while these ppl are deliberating…” but NO SHE FLIPS SHIT, so, I left. and i returned to trying to walk back home. NOW I AM HOT. I AM FUMING. OH HEY, THE CIA!! YAY I HAVE SWAM THERE.. MY. ENTIRE. 21. YEARS. OF. LIFE.


shit, ugh i am so hot!

ik, i will just go see a i== about taking classes there. GOOOOSEFRABAA “Yes sir, I am attending Dutches Community College right now and I would like to also go to the Culinary.”

ok, that was SO GOOD.

now i can go to the CAFE i can look for Chef Kanner.

he is where?

did he quit once mom was fired?! nooo nono non o ! (turnsouthewasonvacation,GOOSEFRABAA)

I ate bread in the cafe instead.

Saw my friend that works in the back of CIA. LIKE THE GHETTOs OF THE CIA I GUESS?? (UsuallyIridethebuswiththisgentleman.HestaysatagrouphomeinKingston.)

No one says SHIT TO ME.


the CIA police sworm first.
then, the police police sworm.
“Have you been drinking?
Oh, you said NO!? OH,well can we just..”

“OHSHIT*lower voice, remain calm. do what mom would do, look them in eyes* (why are there so many of them?why are they so close?why…?WAITiFUCKINGKNOWWHY!) I JUST TOOK THAT OFF OF THE LOOP BUS SO THAT NONE OF THE YOUNGER CHILDREN COULDSEETHATFUCKINGSHIT.ITISLIKE,WHATTHEFUCK,SOMEDICKWEEDTHINKSTHATHE IS GOING TO BRING THAT ONTO A PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION FACILITY?, so I took it and I was gona through it out when I first got here, but I got worked up when I found out that I had packed my bathing suit in the other bag….”

i dont understand
you thought i was a fast texter
aadmit it
that is why you started to like talking to me
i guess
tisk tisk
i thought you were cooler than that
i think i have discovered why michelle does not like you as much as you thought
its a shame
you two would have made awesome babies
if you two still do make babies, I so want to babysit
this is how my brain works
you dont know anything bronwyn michelle doesnt like me because she already has someone else
dont jump to your own conclusions
my friend
if i know anything
it is my friends
so back down you fucking dick face ass wipe
wow that was uncalled for you’re being a real bitch right now bronwyn
fuck off
i am only bitchy if you deserve it
you, my friend, deserved that.

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