Heidi Evans

untitled poem…

15 novembre 2009, à 19:51

Time slides by and I feel the itch creeping underneath my skin
I know this urge well I feel it swell growing and growing not leaving my side
I wanna run I wanna fly I don’t even wanna say goodbye 
Find a new place create a new face this game is so much fun
Secrets stalk around the corner and you were never any better than any other one 
A dead form remains here where we laugh and drive the night line 
Laughing at hallucinations and the endless possibilities of nothing
We didn’t used to be so much of an illusion but I feel you’ve made us this way

Yes I know im wasting my time and you think its such a shame to let it go to waste
But ill tell you something else that im not sure you’ve heard…it’s a secret that the ancient people knew
If you can read the architecture of the past then the world is at your feet.
The Pyramids of Egypt and great white columns of grease the gargoyles that guard cathedrals all know the same thing
And know I don’t hate you I cant blame you for who you are its just what you do that bothers me and makes my stomach turn
I certainly don’t love you just cause you made such an impression and no I cant forget but I can will myself out of this…and I don’t know where these words come from I just feel them inside 
Cause my heart might as well have been structured from stained glass cause colors and shapes vary every way. And I bet you could break me but do you dare? Cause my skin is so soft and my hair is thin as air
You say I have the grace of some other creature that couldn’t be real, but the truth is im as accident prone as the day I was born. I make the same mistakes again and again, and theres cracks in the sidewalk that cause me to trip, but when I was down on the ground I heard a voice from below coming from the little slit in the road and he told me theres something beautiful about that scrape on your knee. it’s a good thing I always liked the warmth of blood…and slowly its run dry and I have no more words to speak…tragic yes it is….but it was something new….


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