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“Pictures catch a lot of things.” yeahbut, what do you think this thing is trying to tell me? “I am not positive, it could mean a bunch of different things, was not thinking too hard in that direction; tell me why your asking that? Is there a reason or something?” not at all. “Well what I thought when I saw this at first was that her arms are very silly.” yeahshealwaysdidthatwithherhands.itwassupp…osedtobe’cute’; most of the times it was just that, but this caught her at an awkward moment. “Did it remind you of anything right away?” ya “And,what was that?” thedevil “What, Im sorry, my hearing is really awful these days.” she reminded me of the devil at first “I did not look at the picture that way, but now that you mention it.” she always did get jealous a lot,butcouldntthatbe angelic too? “Yes.” She was awful worried, but she was no devil. Shedidgetjealousofmealot though… “Oh yeah? Like forwhy?” When I was hanging out with anyone else. “So, is that what she reminded you of in the picture? The devil?” ya,… “So you think you were bouncing on that trampoline with a devil?” notadevil the devil. “That is not what I thought of when Ifirst saw this picture.” sowhat did you see whenyousawit? “The first thing I thought about was, damb that girl is not photogenic.”

the past couple of days I have become ‘worthy of attention’ so ppl start commenting in and around some of my shit on fb; and its like, I never understood why the hell everyone was yelling and so mean, but that is just bc NOBODY WAS TALKING IN OR AROUND THE STUFFS THAT I PAID ATTENTION TOO. Pick your attention wisely.

its like; I wish I were able to pin-point how/why/when this happened, all I can come up with is that I have a new-found confidence that I developed in my found confidence in my sixth year since dying/acoma/broken stuffs all of that jazz.

me and my friends don’t buy pink pretty drinks with flowers in them; I smell the flowers where they lie.

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me and my f…


It upsets me how our world was getting so fucked up that me, and Alexandra Rae had to die. Get your fucking heads on straight all ready. But; alas, Favio and Micah and Travis went to join her in heaven (or whereverwhatever they becomewhomeverwhicheverhoweverwhenever I do not know.) 

It is fucking so difficult for me to please every-single-one of you, but that is what I do.

I am busy.


Did they” create me?

I suppose that that does not even begin to matter; its like, whethor they invented me or not, I still am who I am. 

This is what I have chosen.

I am more than happy, it is you that has unhappieness…


New Imaging Device Gives Insights Into Hearing

Health & Family

A new  brain imaging machine, unveiled at an Australian university on Tuesday, will help scientists better understand how the brain processes information from hearing devices.

It’s the first time researchers have been able to measure brain function of people with cochlear implants using an imaging technique called MEG, or magnetoencephalography. More common techniques interfere with electric impulses in the devices, notes the Sydney Morning Herald.

The new scanner will be especially useful for understanding hearing and brain development in children, whose neural development is at a crucial stage, according to Professor Stephen Crain, director of the research centre at Sydney’s Macquarie University where the new device is housed.


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