Ok. He needs to know. I have felt this way towards him since that trip down to Ashley’s dad’s house in.. in middleschool. Now is better than ever, it just has to be, like, “the time.”

“We fit, and we worked. I just don’t get it at all.”

“Don’t get it? Do not get what?”

“He fucking pat me on the head afterwards.. Like, like I was some little baby or some shit. Its like. I. am. older. than. that. girl. you. called. ‘your’ girl for that year in highschool. I think that he just remembers me being so young.

I was not that young then either; he would have kissed me I bet, I just was so … lol, young. But, then why did he chase me?” IDIDKISSTHATBOY. IN HIS ROOM. He pat me on the fucking head afterwards…


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