new book

so, the other night i was walking from my spot in the kitchen to my… other spot, and it was dark so i felt the way with my hands, and when i reached out thinking there was a wall, there was a hand

“Well can you be certain it was a hand that touched you and not just your MIND?”

well,idk,er…………. ur probly right

“Probably right?”

yeaa you kno you could be wrong

“Yea, no. I know that it was nothing and you want to know how I know that it was nothing?”

yeaaa sure

“I know that there was no hand there because when I turn on the light there is no hand there.”

but i mean, like, that maybe there was something, maybe someone in there grave wasthinkingaboutthatexactspotrightthenandthenitrachedoutitshandtomelikesomesortof,like, i d k

“No. Sit down please and the man will show you to where you will be living for the next few years.”

youmeant to say forever, didn’t you, youmeant to say forever, i am going to be here forever

“You will be here for as long as you need to sir. Now sit the fuck down.”


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