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[;p913.Readding Room////

I didn’t know why exactly it was all happening like hw it was. Everything just started to group together. Things love groups; Big things, little things, Bitchy things. Especially, little things. It is safer to travel in numbers; it is more fun to huddle anyway.  It is safer to carry guns too. Lots of guns. Lots of big things, and more of the little things.

Little things like to clump together. Huddle; for warmth, you know,or for regeneration,


and lots of it;

don’t let it scare you.
Let him scare you.  Be careful. You may come ack as an earth worm.

Actually, scratch that, I change my mind.

IF you are one of the lucky ones
you will come to me as an earth worm.


Given the option, I always take the shot.

when given the option to stfu, or take a shot. I take the shot.

i spent from 2 or 3 till the next day in the hospital.
hey drugged me to make me settle down
I kicked a police officer
god it was so fucked
in the room next to me there was an inmate
he was wearing all orange
he had two cops to himself
and i had like 6
its like ?? wtf don’t they have anything better to do with their fucking time?