p.r.e.v.e.i.w.ENG 101, Spring 2013.(I failed!!?)

I realize that people say it all the the me, “My family is the best there is.” I am afraid that I must let you in on the most well kept secrets of all; these people that I speak of, they only believe that their famiies are so great because they have yet to meet mine. Once you see how deeply my family loves one another, the dynamics, and the sheer pleasure we get when we are around one another; the dynamics that go into my family make it the best public institution there has been in years.

Firstly, there are holidays that we must consider when discussing the family institution. My family has a set of holidays, rituals, and six unchanging personalities(cept my teenage sister). We celebrate holidays the same way ever year; gathered around my grandmother’s home in Pennsylvania. The rituals that stand out the most to my food and candy obsessed self are, Thanksgiving, and Easter.


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