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C’est pour Mary Deirdre Donovan,

I had as many good ideas then as I have now, I think.

Only now I don’t have to write them all down as fast.
Wait, fuck, yes I do. That is what I am doing now-writing this thought down so as not to forget.

The idea that I decided I am now mature and able to remember through the whole night and tell you in the marrow was.. oh shit.


looking for inspiration

don’t look online

Beatrice Blomkivist

ok new angle/

I will be


It will be about Beatrice Blomkivist. )

we have made this whole thing ourselves.

it is hard.

some will make it.

most will not.

be strong.

dream big.

fail hard.

Bronwyn Elizabeth Louise Donovan Schroeder

I write the words a few months after the car accident, and I drew the charcoal apple and flower in 2012.


Comedy my ass

My heart melted last night. I was having a sleepover with my friend Corey. She had gotten ahold of the movie Silver Linings Playbook

Comedy my ass; this movie made me laugh yes, but it almost made me cry for the first time in four years.

It depicted a girl that had caught her husband with someone else(Ithink?), and a Man thats wife had gotten a restraining order against him after a freakout or two.

The whole time he is trying to communicate with his ex who had gotten that restraining order against him, so this girl(thewhore) says she will transport letters between the two if he promises to dance in a dance competition.(Veronicwillbethere)

When this Man was having his freakouts it reminded me so much of myself its upsetting for me to watch.

I know what that feels like, in that moment you feel like…

I try not to do it around certain people, but like onetime I was at Katherine’s house and it happened… as it was happening I’m like, “Monte ((ifIsaidwhatIreallyfeelIwillcertainlybeshunnedbymyclosestgroupoffriends, so I will refrain) I posted about the issue: ‘being trapped like a bird’ I think it was) ..”Monte, I am so, so sorry.”

It is one thing to freak out with your peoplethatactualgivetwoshitsaboutwhetheryouliveordie, it is another thing to place that baggage on top of their boyfriends that are trying to sleep.

anyways, the character was apologizing in the middle of his freakfit like he had no control over what was happening. CHECK

the therapist in the film did the same thing that we are discussing in abnormal psych with Doctor Maria E. Ohe. The therapist is practicing Non-direcct Therapy>; the therapist listens and reflects so that the patient can determine his OWN solution.

What I loved about this therapist was he actually became involved in the main character’s life. ((how often do we see that?)that would be breaking some boundaries right?)

Watching.helping. Him to get over Veronica.
He becomes involved with the first girl I spoke of. She was the town whore, and that made things a little tricky at first.
He kept denying her.
Telling her that he was still married.
“No you are divorced, so am I.” – prostituée.

There is a part in the mo vie where his dad tries to blame all of the bad things happening with the Jets football team on the town prostitute.
She proceeds to recite for him the winning games that the Jets had encountered on the days that her and his son had hung out and the loosing games that occurred on the days they did not hang out.
It was weird bc everyone thought she is the town whore. They immediately thought they knew what was going on between the two hooligans.

The ending I thought was going to make me cry for the first time, IN my second life anyway.
BUT ALAS, no tears. If anyone knows why and cares to share, do.

Silver Linings Playbook>; 2hr 0min‎‎ – Rated R‎‎ – Comedy‎
Director: David O. Russell – Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Julia Stiles, Chris Tucker


Me and Moeen used to say <9. Like ❤ but I love you more than 9 (Ithink9is a big deal because its the highest number you can acquire without TWO whole digits.)