two of the most valueable lessons I will ever learn

1-Technology is overused and so (the word for over dramatised/ ppl pay far too much attentinon)sorryitshardformetothinkofwordsrightawayandthismessagehastobewrittenrightafuckingway.

I lost power for a bit this morning. It was just electricity. “This is so great! I can get so much done without the interference of technology!! And, the water pressure is back!”

mom- “Not for long. So be sparing.”
I was blissfully unaware of how much technology has come to be presant in my everydaylife. Even going to turn on and off the lights….

It was so nice t o have a moment where there was no other choice but to live life without any technology in it
While being very brief, I learned a very valuable LIFE LESSON.

2-No matter what culture you decide to live in, always make sure you stay true to your own; stay true to you.

I ride into DCC with my mom when she goes into work everyday at 8:30a.m. so I have some time to kill. So I usually utilize the fully functioning mac book computers that we have here(mycomputerathomeissodambslow,butitkindamakesmeseemlikeim too cool to respond to questions too fast😉
so there I am. In the Cafe. I was trying to solve some debacle I had with the macbook and I preceded to walk around and ask everyone if they could help me out.

MORAL: no one wanted to help.

OTHER MORAL: I saw an Asian boy eating a burger(waitthatwasweirditwaslike,….8:40)
with chopsticks and
immediatley my FANTASTICAL brain jumps to, “It is important to keep ones
one culture when surrounded by people of a different culture.”

i am an early


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