I still crawl into bed with my parents when I cannot fall asleep.

Yes, I am at the age where I should have stopped doing that ten years ago.

I have sleeping problems, and when I have problems we all have a problem(mymomknowsthatfirsthand.) So, she lets me sleep next to her.

Trying to fall asleep with a snoring person is like; In between the fits of snore I am working like mad to fall asleep. Then I think, “Well, if I am thinking about the snore then the more it will keep me up.” So, then I think about actively not thinking about the snore cycle. NO REST FOR ME.backupstairs.

Christmas break started, and of course, I checked a book out of the public library.Leaving Van Gogh: A Novel:Carol Wallace>>>It really, really is just like stepping into one of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings.

My mind has so much to say about this novel, I will just leave it at that though and you can read it if you ever come across it.

Spring semester just started, naturally, I have chosen a new book. I actually started it once a while back. “The Dharma Bums”: by Jack Kerouac>>> New York Review of Books- “A descriptive excitement unmatched since the days of Thomas Wolfe.”

I am not sleeping though, can’t say I mind so much, but my mom and (everyonethathastospeaktomeformorethan10minutes) minds. I can properly function on only a few hours of sleep. |I can remember hearing once someone told me that geniuses need less sleep then everybody else| Now, Idk about that…I just know that I am not feeling tired. Its like if I stop working out, for like a week, my sleeping gets all fucked with.


One thought on “Bodhistavtava

  1. But do you realize how hard it is to snore propperly when somone is busy readjusting your arms and pillows?

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