Alexandra Rae Gravino

Sleeping topless makes me think of Alex Gravino.

At the time Things she did made me think that she was selfish.

Like always making sure SHE felt o.k. That used to really get me going.
Being the second oldest in a family of four it pissed me off to think that anyone could live like that.

Like, like…(( (a brat) ))like an ONLY CHILD.
Everyone knew her as being such a good little girl. She was too. So pure.
She was just not used to sharing and that set me off like nothing else.
But I understand now, I guess I always did understand and thats why I put up with her self full moments.

She needed me to share some of what I own but that I seem all too frequently to overlook.
I needed her to show me that it was o.k. to worry about ME, and focus a little less on everyone else.

It took some getting used to, and I think that I only ever got used to it just now.


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