breast feeding babydolls

I have to write a compare/contrast essayduemonday, so here are my thoughts:

                                                                                                              I will write about Literature vs. Media.

                                                                                                              I will say how along with media comes pre-existing thoughts or ideas. That literature gives you a freedom to think and invent or own thoughts or ideas.

our world is beingoverrun with media, we really must break free and learn the facts straight and decide for ourselves the way we wanna look at something. LIKETHENEWS it is so hard lately to know if what you are reading is biased.

I just want to know the facts.

But then I think about howyes even I enjoy to occasionally be told what I am supposed to be thinking like when I am reallly tired, or when I have a ton of homework to do by monday, sometimez its iight. But those times are less these days.  Im older and wiser and able to come up with my own thoughts and ideas according to whatever issue is being debated.

Like that article on breast feeding baby-dolls, I was searching for someone to just come out and say whether they thought it was immoral or what.

I really had no idea what I thought.

Like, it is a fact of life.  BUT THEN MY MIND IMMEDIATELY JUMPS TO what the FUCK were they thinking making, a baby-doll that sucks tit? What kid needs that shit? I had fun just talking into my imaginary telephone when I was a littlebronwyn.

If this news article was not gona tell me what to think, then Id call my mom and find out what I should be thinking about this breast-feeding babydoll.

No answer.

Well here is what I think, I would have freaked out, and loved, a breast-feeding baby. But that is just like mediaVSliterature. You can’t be spoonfed everything. You have to let your mind excersise and imagine its own breast-feeding tit-sucking babies.

I just stuck to my imaginary telephone, and my imaginary babies. (never did I imagine them sucking my tits)



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