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,Im just glad it was me, and not someone else…

Im thankful that I was the one that suffered a traumatic brain injury, a broken hip, few broken ribs, and a fractured spleen; that it did not happen to anybody else.

Iknow you are getting sick of me talking abt the car accident. Im sorry.
Im just glad that it happened to me, and not someone-else.
For, I am strong; the life I was given makes me strong enough.

I was given the best most together, patient, and, more often then not, completely comical family. They bring me back.
My friends are smart, they help bring me back.
My school and all the dedicated teachers brought me back.
My will brings me back.
Im back.


Names and ages of the deceased in Israeli attacks on Gaza

Names and ages of the deceased in Israeli attacks on Gaza.

like, lets get serious now;

I have yet to experience my king coming in to sweep me off my feet and save me from all of these other wannabemy kings.

Alright, alright who am I kidding.

These ‘wanna be kings’ I speak of do not exist. Or at least, THEY DO NOT SHOW THEIR FACES TO THE LIGHT of the day.

In the past couple of days my menboys, that are only my friends, (I’ll be clear, they hate it when I get wrong) have told me flat out that they don’t want to be around me.

When I say flat out, I mean, “I think that it is better if we just say hello, how are you, that sort of thing. And then go our separate ways.”

then again:

                       >i still want you to be my king, boys here dont like me<

<hmmmmmm…. but i cant…>

then again:   Bronwyn Schroeder

                          lets get married.

                          Favio de Bernard

fuck off!

I made it seem

Like                                                I

was joking                                                          ,                                          I really wasn’t.

then again:

Its because you care to much about me and i think its best to jsut leave it alone you should pursue other relationships instead of this one

What do boys have that I absolutley need? oktheobgiousackIneedck, not to                                                                                   survive though. my fingers work just                                                                               fine thanks.



I WILL LIVE AND BE HAPPY WITH my familyrunning,art,and                                                         finding myself.

If they don’t want to text me back, then I will get to bed                                             early and run in the morning.

like lets get serious now; I am never going to need anyone. (except maybe                   my                                 MOM                     she                 trims       my                   hair,    gives me hugs when I need them,         and             she              checks              my           college    papers.)

ask me for a cookie.

I am so lucky that I have been given the tools to love living right, and that is why I want to become a social worker.

To give people the tools to love to live the way we were made to.

“I hope you have your first real ‘foot poppin’ kiss.”

ok some grls say”cherries dont really ‘pop'”. Mine did. After I got out of highschool that day we walked from town to my bed.
It was cuter than that just sounded.
Afterwards we were eating(likehow anygooddoseshould end) with some of my sisters school gfs.
He spoke softly.
He asked if I was O.K.
I was like, “…?” UM I M FIng GREAT!
Him, “tehwreas sodlbo.”
For a moment I was worried for my safety, then it clicked.

Alex Gravino, bff. First gf ever.
Too mchformetotrytobegintotellyouinoneblogpost.

Micah Evans my first real crush.

Travis, lol,
once again far toomuchtowriteinonepost.

I thnk tht the reason tht so many ppl tht have been such monumental figures in my life died, it was all bc God(orwhoeverwhateverr) the higher power dude/dudette wants to teach me to be the strongest RedHead that EVER LIVES. (sorrytoRedHeads) caughREAL RED HEADS.



I actually, in this moment, really dont admire that person.
If I dont feel it 110%, I dont write.
It seems its working for me so far to write only when I get the strong Urge.(btw I feel like laws were made to be broken and that English literature has a set of rules that one must learnANDknow if one wishes to go about properly and appropriately breaking them).

Me nd my mother sagree on that one.
She works at the Culinary Institute of America as a cookbook editor/project manager/fill in teacher when vital.


live your life
Photograph by me of the hottest cafe in my little town of Red Hook. Its called Taste Buds.
LYL- LiveYour Life,orwhen necessary Love Your Life…->BeeORIGINAL€(thtsacooyright s y k)