The Scent of a Man

Men have a certain smell that is all their own, no I don’t mean perfume or deoterant. Ok so, I am 20yrs so I haven’t been doing this very long. Kindapersonal for a word press but here it is; I have been w 3 men and they were both over the age of 23. Both men were exceptionally clever and rather intelligent(wisewithtime?), all three had a smell to um’. At first, to all three Im like “…:/…;(… …:)…;)…”. I could not ever even try to say what these scents are but, oh they are there.

My nose is behaving like the homo sapiens vagina. It has something on the rim?oredge? the outer section that kills the sperm. I never understood whymaybe bc there are just so damn many of those bad boys. My nose rejects the boys’ “scent”. at first


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