My king

I am on a soul search. Before I settle for a king I need to organize my life. But is fun searchingg for him.
I just kind of wish he would get his shit together nd save me. Whoever he is.
I was reading some essay for college earlier today and it was about the accepted way men nd women walk together on the street.
Men take the curb/edge so that they may guard the all of the heavy blows from the vehicles passing by.
Then suddenly I rememberd how Favio De Bernard always guided me to the inside of the sidewalk whenever we walked(whichwasoften,foralonglongtimeneitheroneofusdrove). I was thinking đŸ˜¦ im not a baby…. But now my smile is so big. I love that kid. Is my king dead?thatsnotfairatall no, I KNOW he loved me; despite wat his ex-girlfirend from FloridaORlongIsland or wherever has to say about it. SEXINACARDOESNOTMEANHEDIDNOTLOVEMEYOUFUCKER,ILOSTMYVIRGINITYTOTHATBOYINABED.WHILE,YESITMIGHTHAVEBEENMYBED.BIGDEAL. HE LOVED ME, AND i LIKED THE WAY HE SMELLED… (kings are supposed to love their queens, right?)


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