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Let’s Go Back

Let’s Go Back.



I am really sorry if anyone got offended by my “scent of a man” post. I know my mom did. I don’t really know what to say…
Well yes, I do know what I’m going to say and its ESXACTLYwhat I told her, “NO, GRANDMA ISN’T EVEN ONE OF MY FOLLOWERS.”

The Scent of a Man

Men have a certain smell that is all their own, no I don’t mean perfume or deoterant. Ok so, I am 20yrs so I haven’t been doing this very long. Kindapersonal for a word press but here it is; I have been w 3 men and they were both over the age of 23. Both men were exceptionally clever and rather intelligent(wisewithtime?), all three had a smell to um’. At first, to all three Im like “…:/…;(… …:)…;)…”. I could not ever even try to say what these scents are but, oh they are there.

My nose is behaving like the homo sapiens vagina. It has something on the rim?oredge? the outer section that kills the sperm. I never understood whymaybe bc there are just so damn many of those bad boys. My nose rejects the boys’ “scent”. at first


hW.Its so lovely to read what I have posted. I might seem kinda crazy but I dont mind so much, I kinda like it. It’s fun to read.

‘Halloweentown’ 1998 Review – Disney Channel Monstober

Me and my sisters favorite.

Retrospect Realm

Do not get confused, this DID NOT nor will it EVER play on AMC for Fearfest, it’s just a good Halloween movie so we’re reviewing it.

For the kiddies. 😀

Oh how I love Halloween time. That is probably the only time I’ll watch Disney throughout the year (other times would be old Mickey Mouse cartoons). Why do I watch Disney channel (sometimes) during Halloween time? Because that when Cartoon network starts playing all of the Halloweentown movies. I’ve been watching them since I was real little and it helps to let…

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No. Aloneforthelonghall.

My king

I am on a soul search. Before I settle for a king I need to organize my life. But is fun searchingg for him.
I just kind of wish he would get his shit together nd save me. Whoever he is.
I was reading some essay for college earlier today and it was about the accepted way men nd women walk together on the street.
Men take the curb/edge so that they may guard the all of the heavy blows from the vehicles passing by.
Then suddenly I rememberd how Favio De Bernard always guided me to the inside of the sidewalk whenever we walked(whichwasoften,foralonglongtimeneitheroneofusdrove). I was thinking 😦 im not a baby…. But now my smile is so big. I love that kid. Is my king dead?thatsnotfairatall no, I KNOW he loved me; despite wat his ex-girlfirend from FloridaORlongIsland or wherever has to say about it. SEXINACARDOESNOTMEANHEDIDNOTLOVEMEYOUFUCKER,ILOSTMYVIRGINITYTOTHATBOYINABED.WHILE,YESITMIGHTHAVEBEENMYBED.BIGDEAL. HE LOVED ME, AND i LIKED THE WAY HE SMELLED… (kings are supposed to love their queens, right?)