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In the first line of any essay Im supposed to grab the readers attention, so here, “its a gift to be simple”.
Bc of my memory issues every time I open my diary I have to check and see where I left off in my story; ok, so maybe its not bc of memory issues at all. Maybe those are normal ppl issues? Idk and idc. Everytime I flip to see where I left off and I read what everr it was I wrote abt Im like, “Shoot.. I is smarter than I thought!”.
So anywho, the last entry I was begging our creator(s) to let me go back to the time when I enjoyed living simply.
Nothing is simple if you want to succeed in that so called “simple” thing.
Nothing is easy if you want to be great.
Someone had to work rly fcking hard to get me into the simple lifestyle I enjoy so, so much.
My mom had to work hard nd go to like four colleges to place her children on that path. A path on which it can be so simple for them to chose whether or not they want to accept the challenges placed before them andgrow up being willing to someday carry on this legacy. To one day bring some more hardworking Donovan/Schroeders into this world so desperate for change.

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I need a change of scenery and quick.