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People are funny, ICANTGETENOUGH. Its like I am thinking one way, I think that that way is solid, then you do something else that makes me rethink everything…

I don’t know about anyone else but one of my favorite pass times is P E O P L E   WATCHING! i TELL YOU WHAT, ANYONE THAT THINKS LIFE IS BORING SHOULD BE LOCKED IN A ROOM and shown what

boring really is.

So, I have a problem that I need hellp with;

                                                           I am so happy and I am afraid that something will go terribly wrong…


People are funn…


I am pregnant

I am pregnant.

I am pregnant

I have been having this ongoing dream. Its in the present, throughout the whole thing I am trying to figure out how I got pregnant. Then I wake up and it takes me a few minutes.

I have to convince myself I am not pregnant.

But its funny how in the sequence of dreams I started out just with finding out that I was pregnant. I was like, “ok, how am I gona work with this?”. Now I am up to the part where I am waiting to see if the baby that I produce is black or white. I cannot wait to find out.

I would go back to sleep and keep dreaming and find out the skin color the sex and everything, but I cannot do that stuff, god bless those of you that can fall asleep during the daylight.


I am presently reading, maybe I am missing something… Has anyone tried totalk to the Al Qaeda group?

I think we should try talking, at least before any weapons of distruction are scent in either direction.

I will go talk if its so hard for your bodacious, delicate selfs.


None of us like it.  I know that I dont. Sometimes even Queen B needs  A Swift Kick In the Ass.
PS. dontkickmeintheassoryouwilllooseaneye -_-


Back in the 1870s/1880s Bismark had created two alliances that would keep peace in Europe. But what I am not sure of is what happened to Bismark? Was he even a German Kaiser or anything? Who was he?

I will ask Norton.


Oh, I finished Pans Labyrinth today in Swanwick’s Film class. hMMM, what I take from that movie I hope is the same thing that anybody else would understand after watching that: Trust when your heart tells you to trust.