My alteregoes

yES. i HAVE MORE THAN TWO EGOES. qUEEN B (the one who came from a rebel catholic mother that grew up in Pennsilvania and went to more than three colleges), qUEEN BEATRICE (the Bronwyn in me that can tell when i am trying all too hard to be queen, that queen knows that we have entered the age of democracy. she knows that democracy works, it makes thing so fair. but if everyone would just follow ME your queen…then I would make sure everyone got dinner and a warm bed((just saying)), Bronwyn (she is hot, and wants to eat your heart)i would use a spork(so you stand a chance(a plastic spork))), then there is Elizabeth (queen of Europe reborn, she knows that she is queen and knows she deserves to be treated as one)

I was reading words written by my hero Stephan King, he is frequently speaking of alter egoes. I have several.

I don’t want to talk to him or disrupt him or anything (bc that would piss me off too) I would hate it if some bitchy know-it-all tried to find me and talk to me. I is just saying that I was overjoyed when I discovered from my literate mother that the King was still alive and well. I just can see that he must be well because of his picture, I really dont know. How old has he got to be now?

Older than my dad I think. That means he must be experiencing OLD MAN syndrom.

Yup, I will stay out of his fragile, graying hair. ((:P) peacebetoman)

I wouldn’t even know how to go about finding him. I dont really want to.




What happens when I meet the dude and I find out that he is a total d bag? What then?! Then I would know for certain that my hero is a dbag. To be fair… I have my outbursts. Comes with the territory.

My mom is always telling me to put my egos to sleep. Let them just take a rest, wahwahwahhh.

They write well. I need them awake.

Plus they make my relationships more interesting

for me.

PS:Its like if I dont post my blogs on Facebook then they dont get read. -__- I am sickened, but then again it is past my7:00pm dinnertime.


2 thoughts on “My alteregoes

  1. I never said to “put your egos to sleep,” but I do suggest you let them take more frequent naps, cause the rest of us don’t know who is talking. We want to talk to YOU, Bronwyn. Wake them up for writing I suppose.

    You and your dinnertimes…none of us are as locked in to that timeline as you are, but you can help make your dinnertimes more timely (maybe not totally on YOUR time!) by making sure that the kitchen is ready for cooking in (i.e., clean) and that the table is set. Boring but true. So much of life is.

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