Mommy Dierest

I aspire to be like you in almost every way.. My mom is the best. She knows the names of the birds that are singing and can tell you how to spell just about anything. She went to Boston College and the Culinary, she knows how to find the answer to any question, or she just knows the answer becasue she is just that great. She pppises me the fuck off. She has no secrets and that is why I love her. I also love that she can fix all my booboos (nbd). Not that I can’t fix them all on my own, help is nice. Help will keep your migrane levels down.

She knows about how I think and I her. Its funny. I will ‘mom attack’ her nowadays. She is tired after work. It was just one little garbage rapper not so bad, but it meant the world to me she didn’t throw it.

I wish I knew the names of the birds. I bet you there is a class for it at DCC, I am going right now to ask my adviser. MIKKO I AM COMING!


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