They lock the back door. Where as me, I don’t need to.

I am Beatrice reborn.
I am Ashley.
I am B.

bU HAS EVERYTHING i COULD HAVE EVER DREAMED OF. (andahottourguidenoless,ihaveaboyfriendnow.keepaholdonyourstache.)BU

  • gOING TO bARD.
  • keeping mind open. We went to North Eastern and Boston University. ((north eastern is far more modern if thats what you are looking to have) like the classrooms are easily able to be viewed by the people checking out the school through the glass)Bard is t he one for me. Always has been, I was born into it. I am going to stop fighting the tides.

Boston College today and North Eastern.

Bring it on.

so I am cute, I get it. I belong to someone, he is not you.


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