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Think again about the words, “worthless and little”

Think again about the words, “worthless and little”.

?! I love my toy face. I will never intentionally try to change it.

Does anyone know how I got my face on wordpress? I never set it, I didnt even ever think

about getting a picture on My mommy has a little toy face like I do… why?

You Monsters Are People.

Roughly every half century, humanity takes a giant leap forward.  The industrial revolution created the modern age of progress and spurred technological advancements.  Fifty years later, we detonated the atomic bomb and man left the safety of our planet for outer space.  Then, in 1995, Pizza Hut invented stuffed crust pizza and changed the world forever.  While the standard course of history should have caused Pizza Hut to yield the next great technological achievement to another, fate simply wouldn’t allow it.  If you’re not sitting down already, I strongly recommend that you take a seat or convince someone to catch you after you faint.  Seriously, do not read another sentence until you are fully prepared to have every emotion simultaneously and uncontrollably erupt out of your body.

Last week, Pizza Hut released a pizza that has hotdog stuffed right into the crust.  Already offering crusts stuffed with cheese or hotdog…

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While the rest of my house was asleep…

“Happy Accidents”

by Bard Anderson


I would recommend this film to anyone with more than four brain cells.

someones testing me

Dont repremand my thinking. I belieive I am queen, and I am being tested agaain and agaain to see if I can fit the bill.

Like this morning.

What was that stupid beeping that woke me up?

Its like, “woopsy daisy watch out, Bronwyn is getting toooo damb comfy.”

I have a test today in Nortons Global class! It is all a test. it is all a testitisallatesttrytocloseyoureyesfora few more hours. ok go downstairs. sleep with mommy deirest.

SO WARM! SHE IS ON FIRE. AND DAD SNORES. now mom too? god damb, the test continues.

Go upstairs look, unsuccessfully for said noise. Well, idk but it sounds like it is closer when I lay down on the foor here…

no where to be found.

OK maybe when I lay over there? farther.

OK go back.

LIE AGAIN. now its farther?

What am I doing wrong?

OK well I have a test in 12 hours. OK twelve, thats a while. NOWAIT I GO TO HIGH SCHOOL!! SHOOT.

OK lie still. OK turn on fan. HIGHER..Two distracting noises are better than that one beep.

OK still here beep.

OK I will overcome.

Ok I will be strong?

OK I will be like Molly (or any of the other Schroeders)



No? OMG, shut door with that thing in front this time.

OK I can do this.

OK this is nice.


almost there.

Then the beep gets closer.