Mmm you know, I wnt things, and Most of the time I think that by achieving those things I wil be unconditionally happy; those things that I am expecting will elevate my brief, momentary grief turn out to be a bunch of hooplah.

BoysNOgood,foodgood only good, I would say Id live for food, but I wont.

I have a decision to make.
I knew the answer before I had finished.

So I will live for my minimes.
My family.


in China. Naturally. I want to name him/her Rae. She he will be my Rae of sunshine. RIPalexandraraegravinoyouwillshineagain. The second one is Henry. He was an evil king or at least a not so nice one. I am gona bring some peace and quiet to his name, unless of course the second one is a girl. Henriete?? lol I love you man. I am coming out. I am in love. Its ligit. You have a couple hit and runs then its it, I just knows it. Only that I am going to China with Norton in like June or something like that…we can’t go and make a baby that fast. I told you I wont have sex until I have met you three times. RULE STILL STANDS EVEN THOUGH I THINK IK, I mean you could be some lolsdlfjlkdsja;lfj;ldsjkf ok ik your not, but just please me. Let me tease…

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