I need to raise money to have my first baby.

in China. Naturally. I want to name him/her Rae. She he will be my Rae of sunshine. RIPalexandraraegravinoyouwillshineagain. The second one is Henry. He was an evil king or at least a not so nice one. I am gona bring some peace and quiet to his name, unless of course the second one is a girl. Henriete?? lol I love you man. I am coming out. I am in love. Its ligit. You have a couple hit and runs then its it, I just knows it. Only that I am going to China with Norton in like June or something like that…we can’t go and make a baby that fast. I told you I wont have sex until I have met you three times. RULE STILL STANDS EVEN THOUGH I THINK IK, I mean you could be some lolsdlfjlkdsja;lfj;ldsjkf ok ik your not, but just please me. Let me tease you for as long as I can. What has it been over a year this August? This is so tight its granite. or solidoridkwhat. I am awake its 12:30 and idk if ppl think that that is late. But I just can not fall asleep earlier than like 3:00am. Maybe thats because they had me sleeping up the yingyang. By they I mean the creators of this thing we call Queen B (queen elizabeth phase two). nananahmuah. jk. but not really.

This is it. They get greedy. They get greedy of this feeling and they want to keep making more and more of it. What you cannot and choose not to see is that it has to end somewhere. At some point we all will have to realize that yes we are intelligent, and thank you we do know how to apply our knowledge and get shit out there. But no we do not need to please this bum that did not work for his fair share. That sounds a little narsosistic I think thats the word. JUST forget that. YOu know what I is saying to you. There are and always will be outliers and people who just do not fit into everyones standards. The baby lovers effed us up. lol There are just too damb many of us. Ok, too many is the wrong phrase…. Let me think, um…, there are just so many that when we say one thing it has to try to fit everyone’s personal little routine. And we can not. We have tried communism, democracy, republicanism and blahblah and now lets just try living. We do not need a labol for every little damb thing in our lives. There are far too many for me to remember anyway. I mean yah sure I can remember how it looks and how it sounds. I can even remember how to use it in a well formulated well punctuated paragraph.

shucks. g wiz, how Molly Doodle all the Day. Seriously I love it. I love what you have made up. ((or whomever was the King during the time, maybe the guys who wrote the Declaration or whatever) ok so no king, cut me some slack i like day writing at nighttime)) I cannot remember names for the life of me and I want to have my first baby in China. Willl they let me fly the plane preggers?? I should cunsult with Sir Northaneol. (for your viewing pleasure..?)

PS the ticks in Dutches County are carrying diseases this year. I dont remember where I read it exactly I am just bad with names of shit and the order of shit happening but that is beside the point. Just, be cautious. DONT WORRY TOO MUCH MY MOM DOES SOME SWELL TICK CHECKS FOR ME.


2 thoughts on “I need to raise money to have my first baby.

  1. Reblogged this on bronwynschroeder and commented:

    comment if you like. i like confrontation, wait that has negative conotation… i like stimulating discussions.

  2. The Indian says:

    U can fly when preggers. Not advised to fly when 9months tho. Buy u still can. And stop being so dam baby crazy

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