Pinch me.

I might like it, so dont, nevermind. That owuld be strange for you. I always come on like “thats brilliant! i should blog that!!” then I forget what I had said… There are like 8736498762498762197486219574869847563429758974235898723645872364598736245987632459847235874635987234650372654302758961093710937421094760917465987421`-9341093724-019890`7 something people and one me, and that makes like one too many. Ok I am being a cynicly typical teen for whatever reason that only my hormones nknow and they sure as heck are not going to tell you before they tell me the reasons behind my tude. But anyways have you ever thought about how there should be a soundtrack to everything. like a theme song, but then if you get a themesong then you also get a movie. If there were 8736498762498762197486219574869847563429758974235898723645872364598736245987632459847235874635987234650372654302758961093710937421094760917465987421`-9341093724-019890`7 something movies searching through netflix online would be a daunting task. My advice would be only to make your names something that would be very individualistic and unique so that we can select your movie when we want to and Carolines when we so choose to select Carolines movie. Love that song. And that little lady, she rocks my socks. (which match today*side note*) So perfect because we were starting yoga unit today in gym at DCC. Ash said “:Phahayouhavegym”. Joke is on her, I and heart gym class. I even dont mind buying the fatty 95$ pook. Buckpuck. I am still in the RHHS so that means that I have access. ❤ -__- dont ask questions too loudly. I am sensitive to light.


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