Schroeder girls.

It is fair if you think that that is not true. Keep living the way you are living. Enjoy yourself. Stay hunger y. Keep on swallowing this notion that someone is spoon feeding you. I do not mind at all. I love watching watching watching.(creepy right?) Thats the me that was waiting here. Beneath everything. Quiet. Always so quietly watching.

You know what makes me sad is that no one wants to play anymore. You think its over over over. Its not. But you keep on living this lie.

I was thinking about how we read about how all great things come in threes. The three muskateers is the first name that pops into my head. Then there is well idk exactly,… but then you have got me Molly and Daphne.

We make three.

Idk how powerful we are. But its just so fun to ponder about. Who knows, if one day soon maybe we can all three stand to be around each other for more than three solid hours nonstop, maybe we can do something great together. Invent something. Solve world hunger. The gas issue. Mayybe poverty?

But then I think about how if this family had been alive wayway back when, like in king queen night saurceror ages then we would be great. It would be like, “go and fetch the Schroeders to solve this ginumbous issue that we have confronted with the dukes of Portugal. Maybe a little stony, but thats only the few there is one that keeps them in line. They do come up with the most clevor ideas.” A manboy child was our first born.(that would carry on the Schroeder name) The first boy is brilliant. Do not get me wrong, but he understands too much. Keep him strong yet oh so in the shadows. Next in line was a girl. Strong. Agreed. Very strong. Too strong. Almost instoppable, but we have no need to stop this one. Her ideas are accomidating and she has learned from the conflicts she has faced. She has grown with the family that she has come to cherish. She will supply us with the ideas we need to grow strong.

Ikikikik I said in economics class that I wanted nothing and that was why I was going to be a good little entrepenuer. That is not why I am going to be goode. I am going to be good because I know what I am looking for. Know what I want. Know just how little I truly need. The fact that I want a as much or less than I need, that is what I believe must be presant in a truly and entirely good entrepenuer.



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