I was so moved it was more than epic. It was a mindblowing reality check. West Side Story- two lovers not allowed to love. Two familysgangsteamsparties. Doomed to a fate that has been broadened and lengthened by the ‘institutions’ that surround them. What is brilliant is the better the movie is I always relate it to my life. I make it fit every article. Every percise detail. Like in Swan’s class the last movie we finished was one about a team of popo. (POLICE PARTY BETTER SYK) The second day of watching the film I get the lodown from the school cop on how to acquire my liscence to become one. Nownow, you may think I would never become a cop. THINK AGAIN. It is brilliant how they have made it. PASSION. FEED YOUR PASSION. GO BIG OR GO HOME.

If you did not catch the play, plan on it next year.


One thought on “GO BIG OR GO HOME

  1. If they would let me edit then I would tell you I should have put the words, “you know the drill.” Somewhere into the above text…

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