think no lesser of the ones that are fly on different wings

I try very hard not to forget it, but sometimes you get tired of remembering everything. Talk about hating how you remember old passwords… because I was in the exidiente the RHHS tried to accomidate to me. I got a special aide that followed me from class to class. Special attention. I was in a wing of the HS that I got yelled at for saying was the retard wing I wanted out. I was so mean. I got out of there with flying colors. Returned to mainstream. It was slow. I see now how much I needed things to be slow. I still need them to slow down now. why wont you get it?  I say wont not dont, you get it. dont try to make a joke or laugh. im not laughing. you fully understand that i talk in riddles because you talk to me in code. you know perfectly well that my ideas come to my head quickly, and dont come out in the book definition of the absolutley correct way. its like you are all on fast forward. i just need patience. not necessarily time because lord knows i get time. i just need you to not frown when you stare off into space. it confuses me. i walk up and i think you hate me, what i dont realize is that you were already frowning before i got there. there was no change in facial expression. you jjust frown alot. and i think about your motives behind you frowning far too much. i wish that i did not do that everytime. e v e r y fuckingtime. all i do is think about what the person shouldmightcouldwouldbe thinking. Is it me? I got it! He just talked to Mr. Paisley about getting a raise. Mr. Paisley is like the (fat belly rub my belly and i giggle character?) PILSBERRY DOUGH BOY. you think you are superior? thats it. it must be it. He just asked for a raise and Mr. Paisley asked him what he had done to deserve it. He had seen him eyeing Mrs. Paisley five years ago at that thing. He was never gona get it.  dont get me wrong. i love it. just with this whole “op hot dog std” i want it. it would be the perfect start to my introduction of,sadlfsdaf well, youll see. UNITEDNATIONSSOULSOULSOULSOULBLAHBLAHBLAHNANTIHOTDOG?NOICANTDOTHAT.MOMFOUND




But I think that today’s society with all of its passwords and gadgets and differnt gizzmos and tudads (((I want to be part of your world) yeah right)sew me a sweater then i MAY consider it) but with tuday’s gadgets and corners and directions and mazes you have to walk through to get to Norton’s office and back we as a race are stretching and doing some strength exercises on a whole different bunch of brain tudas.

woahitshardtotransitionfromwritinglikethistowritingnormal.hah.ijumparound.”HEYMOM” as we walk into the move theater. “YOU KNOW WHAT?” “LIFEISARACE!! NO BUT FOR REAL.” My mom is the only bitch that puts up with me. I dont mind.  “I think I got it Mrs. H, there cant be two queen Bs in one house.”

so many thoughts. nobodywillgetit. im sorry. I will write better eventually but that time is not now.

what i want to tell you now is that you should think no lesser of the ones that are fly on different wings.


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