DID I NOT TELL YOU THE SAME thing LIKE A FEW (it feels like months, but i know it was only several weeks) BUT THE FACT IS, I SO DID BRING IT UP AWHILE AGO. THIS FACT THAT I DO do THINK migrains ARE FROM (in certain special super cases)< you can thank my mom for that one> YOUR BRAIN is EXPERIENCING EXXXTREME KNOWLEDGE ovrloads! It sounds perfect to me because I always get them when I spend the duration of my day finding stuff and creating new stuff. It makes a vein running through my temple pulse. It doesnt hurt exactly… It feels like stuff is going down. Which I would doubt maybe if I wasnt doing super extraordinary things. Dan Budd, kit.


AND THAT IS IT! HOLY MOLLY. ik thats Molly molly is holy, hop off my virtual dick. I WROTE IN THAT SUPER SIGNATURE BOOK THAT I CARRY AROUND NOW FOR SCHEMING AND WHAT NOT, I WROTE, kit. I DID NOT KNOW WHY KNOW WHY. and i lost it. NONONO I GOT IT. ITS ~Know In Time~. As in he will know in due time. Everyone will.


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